HIV signs or symptoms

For the most part, the signs of HIV are the result of infections due to bacteria, viruses, fungi, and/or parasites.

Stage one: Indications of early HIV an infection

Lots of those with HIV don’t have any signs for numerous months to even decades right after turning out to be infected. Many others may well develop signs and symptoms similar to flu, normally 2-6 months after catching the virus.

The indications of early HIV infection may incorporate:

• fever

• chills

• joint discomfort

• muscle aches

• sore throat

• sweats (specially at night)

• enlarged glands

• a pink rash

• tiredness

• weak spot

• unintentional fat loss

Stage two: Asymptomatic HIV

In several instances, after the initial signs disappear, there won’t be any even further indications for quite some time.

All through this time, the virus carries on developing and harming the immune procedure and organs. Without the need of remaining on remedies to stop HIV’s replication, this method will take nearly ten years on typical. The infected man or woman typically encounters no symptoms, feels properly, and seems wholesome.

Stage three: Late-phase HIV infection

If left untreated, HIV weakens the opportunity to fight infection. The person gets at risk of major diseases. This phase of an infection is known as AIDS.

Signs or symptoms of late-phase HIV an infection may well involve:

• blurred vision

• diarrhea, which is normally persistent or Long-term

• dry cough

• fever of earlier mentioned a hundred °File (37 °C) lasting for weeks

• night time sweats

• long term tiredness

• shortness of breath (dyspnea)

• swollen glands lasting for months

• unintentional weight reduction

• here white places on the tongue or mouth

Throughout late-stage HIV an infection, the potential risk of acquiring a everyday living-threatening illness is way better. Daily life-threatening ailments could possibly be controlled, prevented, and/or addressed with proper prescription drugs, generally such as HIV remedy.

HIV and AIDS myths and specifics

There are plenty of misconceptions about HIV and AIDS. The virus Can’t be transmitted from:

• shaking palms

• hugging

• casual kissing

• sneezing

• touching the unbroken pores and skin

• utilizing the exact same bathroom

• sharing towels

• sharing cutlery

• mouth-to-mouth resuscitation

• or other varieties of “casual Call”

Diagnosis of HIV and AIDS

The CDC (Centers for Disorder Control and Prevention) estimate that about 1 in each 8 HIV-beneficial People in america is unaware of their HIV-status.

HIV blood exams and final results

Prognosis is designed by way of a blood take a look at that screens especially for the virus. If your HIV virus is uncovered, the exam result’s “constructive.” The blood is re-examined a number of occasions prior to a good result’s supplied for the individual.

If someone continues to be subjected to the virus, it really is vital which they get examined as quickly as possible. The sooner HIV is detected, the greater probable the therapy will probably be prosperous. A home testing kit can be employed at the same time.

Just after infection with HIV, it will take from three months to six months for your virus to indicate up in screening. Re-tests might be needed. If The instant a affected individual was most vulnerable to infection was inside the final 6 months, they might have the test right away. Having said that, the service provider will urge that A further test be performed inside of a few months.


HIV infection may cause AIDS to create. Having said that, it is achievable being infected with HIV with out creating AIDS. Without having treatment method, the HIV infection can development and, at some point, it’ll develop into AIDS during the vast majority of cases. At the time an individual has received an AIDS prognosis, it’ll often have above with them inside their health-related record.